A little bit about us

Providing excellence along your journey.

Our Company over the years

Redditch Connected are a leading local provider of specialist commercial software, website design and server hosting. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality service to all. Our core values include providing small businesses with the tools and services they need to get online and grow in a digital age.


Helping our clients and achieve their goals as well as helping their work colleagues to rise and meet their goals at the same time.


We work with entrepreneurs looking to lift a business idea above their competitors or to create new markets via a digital approach.


We help our clients find their ‘why’ and then match this with their business objectives.

More detail into Redditch Connected

We were formed in 2018 when a need was found to help the smaller businesses in the UK with their technical side. We’d noticed that it was hard for a small business to get what they need, as without any prior experience they may be overpaying and not getting the best value or solution for their needs. Since then we’ve helped local businesses in the Redditch area go digital and become more efficient by using modern technology to perform key business operations.