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A enterprise CRM solution at your fingertips from anywhere around the world!


Your business at your fingertips!

CRM Solution

A simple and easy design allows you and your clients navigate around to easily find what you are looking for.



Customer management

Allows you to keep track of all your customers and details making it easier for you and your team to view

Marketing management

Allows you to track ang manage your marketing leads. Adding notes and actions to your leads if very helpful when you have multiple employees

Helpdesk solution

An overall helpdesk solution which allows you to support your customers with whatever question or issue they may have. This also links with your customer management


Want to send your staff or customers an announcement? RCM has it built in for you.  Emails and banners can be displayed for selected users


RCM is “your” solution, configure your site to however you want it. Automatic processes can be setup to manage marketing, support and customers

Automatic processes

Save your time by using RCM’s built in automated processes. Whatever you need speak to our team and we can make it automated within your system

BETA Announcement

RCM is currently in BETA. This means any registers will get 6 months free and then your package price will continue after if you wish to proceed.



per month

Up to 5 employees

Customer and user management

Helpdesk module

sub.myrcm.app domain

Up to 2 automated processes

Basic support



per month

Up to 10 employees

Everything in basic

Announcement module

Up to 4 automated processes

Advanced support



per month

Up to 15 employees

Everything in standard

Marketing Module

Personal domain

Up to 6 automated processes

Priority support



per month

50 Employees

Everything in premium

Up to 10 automated processes

24/hour support




Build your own solution to your requirements

Why choose us?

If you are looking for a customer relationship management solution with built in support desk then look no further! Don’t pay over the odds for multiple solutions to mange your customer, provide support , manage marketing leads & manage your day to day tasks. RCM has all of this and more to come in the future. 

Built in-house by Redditch Connected we are able to listen to our customers demands and action them making the overall solution work the best it can for your business. If something is missing let us know! We are more then happy to take your ideas and turn them into reality even within our product. 

RCM is also in the cloud! What does this mean you may be thinking? Well, want to go on away but still want to keep an eye on support tickets? Easy, you can access RCM anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Any device is compatible, mobiles, laptops or desktops.

Customer Expectations

Your customers expect resolutions in minutes and personalized 24/7 support in various ways. But most support teams struggle to offer these demands. 

RCM brings all your customer service data into one place, along with helping you expand your support across your business.

Product Description

RCM enables you to scale your customer support and relations, engage your office-team or remote team on one powerful, user-friendly service. 

Customer Support

A 24/7 support solution that can be accessed and managed from anywhere in the world is the best way to connect with your clients and help with any problems or queries they may have.


All of our servies have 99.9% uptime so you never need to worry about downtime and not being able to mange or see your data.


Worried to train your staff on a new system? No problems at all, we offer a demo video for download so you can view at any time or a 1-2-1 training session with our highly trained team.


Fast Reporting

Taking up too much of your time running reports to find where you need to improve? Look no further. Our simple and quick reporting system allows you to run live reports in seconds!


Email Notifications

Not sure if your clients are waiting for you to reply? Our fast and reliable emailing system notifies you as soon as an update has been made.

Cloud Based

Access from anywhere around the world. In times like these remote work is important. Now you can stay up to date from home and support and manage your clients.


No Limits

Other support and CRM systems limiting you to a number of clients or actions? Not here; have as many clients as you need with our “No Limits” guarantee. We price of modules within the solution.



Here are some frequently asked questions.

Am i stuck in a contract?

No, simply register your account and you can start supporting and managing your clients straight away. If you wish to cancel you can cancel at any time.

Are there any separate email sending fees?

No, there are no limits to how many emails are sent from your system.

What is RCM?

RCM is a CRM and Support (helpdesk) solution which brings all your mangement and support into one place. Removing your need to be paying over the odds for multiple solutions which don’t sync with eachother. RCM is realtime with any action you undertake across all users.

I have multiple employees?

No problem at all. Our packages are designed to support all business, small too large.  If you are struggling to find what is best for you speak to our team and they will be able to help.

What if there is a report i need?

Contact our team and we can provide a bespoke report that suits you!

Didn’t find your answer?

Our support team can help you.